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V. Kikilias: Increase by 100 million euros of travel receipts, compared to April 2019

The data of the Bank of Greece that show the dynamic course of tourism for this year was mentioned by the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, in an interview given to SKAI 100.3 radio.

As underlined by the Minister of Tourism, in April 2022 there is a 20% increase in travel receipts compared to April 2019. As he added, this is a performance that translates into an increase of almost 100 million euros compared to April 2019 , a landmark year for the Greek tourist product.

“The successful management of the pandemic, especially in the first waves, resulted in the rebranding of our country abroad. The Prime Minister traveled to all lengths and breadths of the planet, promoting a new image for Greece, a fact that we come to believe “as everything shows- during this year’s tourist season”, stressed Mr. Kikilias.

As the Minister of Tourism pointed out, these data are not accidental, as they are the result of hard work, proper preparation and coordinated effort of all stakeholders. “We have served with our strategy, since the winter, two main goals. First, the extension of the tourist season and secondly the increase of revenues from tourism. At the moment, the tourist brand” Greece “is 5th in the world. And this is not just because we are a beautiful country. It has been done with great effort and hard work of the public sector, the private sector, EOT, Marketing Greece, the people who are active in tourism, our Embassies and Consulates, EOT offices abroad, the Greek Government as a whole “.

Referring to the data from the first arrivals, Mr. Kikilias focused on the special dynamics shown by the cruise industry, as well as the arrivals of tourists from the USA, which by the end of the season are expected to exceed 500,000, only through the 9 direct daily flights from the largest airports in America to “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Arrivals from America is a huge “success-story” for this year, from March 7 when the first direct flight from the USA to Greece started. “And in these numbers we do not take into account the visitors who come to our country through transit flights, from London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or from anywhere else”, he stated characteristically.

As the Minister of Tourism reiterated, tourism is the popular economy of the country, as the income from the tourist product ends up directly in the middle Greek family. “Everyone has to benefit from tourism. And this is because tourism concerns the average Greek company, concerns health stores, the commercial world, concerns all professions related – directly or indirectly – to our tourism product: from “Agricultural production up to the infrastructure sector and the construction sector, which includes about 80 professions. And the profit should be distributed to all our fellow citizens, who have been fighting and toiling for our tourism product, all these years,” he noted.

Finally, Mr. Kikilias referred to the important impetus given by tourism and the attraction of new investments. As he characteristically said, now all major market players are in Greece, implementing or having already launched strategic investments related to the tourism sector. “In the volatile context in which we currently live globally, tourism is proving to be the strong ‘paper’ of our country, as it brings money to the market, strengthens the national economy, creates new jobs and supports the average Greek family,” he concluded. the Minister of Tourism.

Source: Capital

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