V. Kikilias: Travelers trust Greece as a safe destination

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“Travelers trust Greece as a safe destination,” said, among others, the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias in his speech on Alpha radio 9.89 and at the same time spoke of a 30% -50% increase in available airline seats for 2022 compared to 2019.

Also, the October reservations for the summer of 2022 were by 30% increased compared to the reservations of October 2018 for the summer of 2019. Also in terms of cruising, it shows a significant increase, especially in northern Greece and in Thessaloniki, shows an increase of over 200% from the large cruise companies, said Mr. Kikilias.

“All this fills us with responsibility and obligations, because we feel that summer this year will be spring. So, from March we must all be ready, with organized beaches, with high quality services provided in our hotels and accommodation. We also work together. “with trade associations, as trade is directly linked to tourism and tourist areas have increased commercial activity,” said the minister.

Asked about the income from tourism in 2021, he stated the following: “The initial forecasts were 5-6 billion euros for 2021 and after the very good months we had after the summer, we exceed 10 billion and go for more “We will see when we calculate the last quarter of the year.”

Remaining on the side of safe accommodation of visitors in Greece, the minister said: “The first priority of a traveler to experience a travel experience, was and is safety. And the way in which, in very difficult times, we handled the pandemic “, gave the opportunity to travelers to trust Greece as a safe destination, this” re-brand “the country abroad and even in the fall to have tourists and much more revenue than expected”.

Finally, Mr. Kikilias reminded that for the first time EOT is campaigning for the countryside and for all the Regions of the country, for the winter destinations.



Source From: Capital

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