V. Korkidis: The additional fiscal space feeds the subsidies on fuel prices

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“Greek entrepreneurship needs a simple and predictable environment, so that it can manage the accuracy triggered by the global energy crisis”, says in a statement the president of EBEP, Vassilis Korkidis for the new aid package.

“Unfortunately, however, the national, European and international economic environment is neither simple nor predictable. Nevertheless, with a total aid package of € 8.4 billion for 2022 and a direct burden of € 3.2 billion from “In the state budget, the government is trying to actively support the disposable income of households and market mobility in dealing with uncontrolled increases in energy”, notes the president of EVEP and adds:

“At this juncture, we need to look at the picture of the € 375 million measures announced to tackle fuel accuracy. Fuel pass 2 is a continuation of a successful funding tool introduced by the Government 90% of our fellow citizens, as the income criteria were expanded and the perimeter of the beneficiaries was opened to over 3 million citizens.

At the same time, the subsidy for the pump for the diesel continues, which reaches 15 minutes per liter and keeps the transport costs, while giving breath to the whole supply chain.

The government, once again, moves sensibly and in those contexts that do not pose a risk of fiscal derailment, taking advantage of the growth rates that create fiscal space for sensible and targeted benefits.

It goes without saying that the measures are not enough to cover the amount of the increases, just as no subsidy is ever enough to stop the accuracy. The increased revenues from the EFK in fuel, in view of the increased consumption in the tourist season with a corresponding collection of taxes from VAT, are expected to create additional budgetary space for the continuation of support measures, without having to rewrite the budget.

The government has realized the importance of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, both in electricity bills, with the approval of the EU for a ceiling on wholesale electricity prices from 1 July, and in absorbing price increases in fuel consumption. “Greece may indeed be under economic pressure from the global energy crisis, but at least it is not in danger of the energy insecurity of the rest of Europe.”


Source: Capital

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