V. Zelensky welcomed the mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Kyiv

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed today in Kyiv the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission that arrived in Ukraine to visit the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (south) which is under the control of Russian troops.

“We want the IAEA mission led by Director General (Raphael) Grossi to find a way through (…) security corridors to reach the station and do their best to prevent the risk” of a nuclear disaster, Zelensky told the during the meeting, according to a video released by the Ukrainian presidency. As he pointed out, this is an issue that is a priority for the security of not only Ukraine but the entire world.

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The international community must ensure Russia’s “immediate demilitarization of the (nuclear) plant,” Zelensky noted, calling for the withdrawal of Russian soldiers and the return of the facilities “under Ukrainian control.”

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is one of four operating in Ukraine and the largest in Europe, as it has six reactors of 1,000 MW each.

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Russian troops seized it in March, days after the invasion of Ukraine began. The wider region of Zaporizhia has been the target of several bombings, for which both Moscow and Kyiv deny responsibility. Last week, the nuclear plant was briefly disconnected from the power grid, for the first time in its history.

Source: AMPE

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