Vaccinated elderly French will be able to leave nursing homes

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The French government will allow vaccinated seniors to leave nursing homes at a time when 80% of them have already received a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Retirees “will be able to leave once they have been vaccinated,” Health Minister Olivier Veran said today.gradually regain freedom».

The Council of State of France has suspended the food ban, which has been in force for several months, deeming it “disproportionate”.

The government wants to encourage nursing home staff to be vaccinated as well, at a time when only 43% of them have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the French Institute of Health.

Seeking to avoid a universal lockdown, the government selects targeted measures in certain geographical areas, most affected.

As a result, almost 1.5 million people in the Pas de Calais, in northern France, will be quarantined in their homes from tomorrow for four consecutive weekends, just as the inhabitants of a part of the beaches on the C Αte d’Azur near Nice already do ( southeast) or Dunkirk (north).

The epidemiological situation remains “always worrying”, warns the French Health Authority (SpF), noting a new increase in cases recorded in the last week of February, to 149,307. New hospitalizations have also increased slightly to 9,613, as have ICU admissions to 1,871.

In total, the authorities have officially recorded 87,835 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic.

But while the overall picture remains deteriorating, SpF notes an “improvement in all indicators in people 75 and older, in line with increased vaccination coverage.”

A first dose of the vaccine has already been given to 3.2 million people and almost 1.8 million a second, out of the 7 million doses available in France for a population of 67 million people, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

“Our will is clear: to vaccinate as soon as possible, using all the doses we already have at our disposal“, Wrote Olivier Veran on Twitter.

The government reiterated its targets: at least 10 million first installments by mid-April, 20 million by mid-May and 30 million by summer.

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