Vaccination obligation, the new categories of workers concerned

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No longer just doctors, nurses and health personnel. From tomorrow, December 15, new categories of workers are required to fulfill the vaccination obligation, that is to say the primary vaccination cycle and the administration of the booster dose (in the times and in the manner provided for in the circular of the Ministry of Health).

Now they are obliged to get vaccinated too school staff, That of the defense sector, public safety and rescue and the local police and, finally, the workers employed by theprison administration or the Department of Juvenile and Community Justice.

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Those who do not get vaccinated and do not require vaccination will be required to fulfill the obligation in the manner provided for health workers. Now also for these categories, in case of lack of vaccination, the immediate suspension from work (albeit without disciplinary consequences and with the right to maintain the employment relationship), with suspension of remuneration.

The suspension can be lifted by demonstrating that you have started the vaccination cycle or that you have received the third dose (but it is necessary to do so no later than 6 months from December 15th). Temporarily suspended workers will have to be replaced by the heads of the institutions with staff hired with a fixed-term contract.

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As for healthcare professionals (but also the socio-health worker and the dental practice assistant, starting tomorrow is the booster dose is also mandatory. Those who do not fulfill the vaccination obligation will receive a notification from the respective professional order, which will invite the worker to produce – within 5 days – the documents certifying the vaccination, any exemption or a vaccination request (which must be made within 5 days). and no later than twenty days from the invitation). Once the vaccination has been carried out, the worker must produce the certification certifying it within 3 days.

Anyone who fails to comply with these rules will be suspended from exercising the health profession. The suspension will be lifted after the communication of the completion of the vaccination course or of the reception of the booster dose within six months from December 15th. Pay will also be blocked during the suspension. On the other hand, to those who present a valid reason for omitting or postponing the vaccination, the employer is required to offer a different job without reducing the salary.

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