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Vaccine against atopic dermatitis reduces symptoms of the disease, says Brazilian study

A study by scientists from USP’s Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine pointed out that a vaccine for atopic dermatitis showed good results in reducing the symptoms of the disease.

In an interview with CNNthe research advisor, Luisa Karla de Paula Arruda, explained that atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease, which causes very itchy lesions and “causes impairment in quality of life.”

It is more common in children, but can affect all age groups.

According to Luisa Karla, one of the main causes of the disease is dust mite allergy – which is common in patients with rhinitis and asthma. Thus, a vaccine already marketed by allergists, but not used to treat dermatitis, was used in the study.

“The immunizer has an extract of mites, is administered sublingually and has been studied for 18 months. This treatment showed a great benefit in improving the lesions and itching, in a significant way”, he celebrated.

The research was carried out with 66 patients, with 40% of them under 12 years old, and half of them received a placebo, while the other had the immunizer applied. Volunteers will be followed for another year and a half.

Luisa Karla highlighted that the vaccine is now available and is prescribed by an allergist. “It is licensed by Anvisa, there was just no data for atopic dermatitis, the studies were not conclusive.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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