Vaccine, from Monday to professors, prisoners and law enforcement

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With the first million doses of vaccine that AstraZeneca will deliver between Monday 8 and Sunday 21 February, you can start immunizing the second tranche of risk categories: teachers and school workers, law enforcement and military, prison guards and inmates. Strictly under 55.

Also from next week the regions will begin to vaccinate too the over 80 and the frail and highly vulnerable people, to which however the new doses of Pfizer and Moderna, no longer distributed on the basis of the resident population but in proportion to the elderly to be secured.

This is the new vaccine plan with 14 million doses available in three months.

I’m two million Italians vaccinated in phase 1 and the government, with the new doses available, aims to immunize them another seven million.

The goal of the Regions is to participate to support Spallanzani to immediately start the production of the Italian vaccine.

For today, the response of the Technical Scientific Committee called to give the authorization to the is expected reopening of the ski resorts from February 15th. At least in the yellow regions, and waiting to know if and when it will be possible to resume moving between regions.

But who will make the decision? To the outgoing ministers or to the new government? It will not be discussed before next week.

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