Vaccine passport is one of the most important filters for protection, says Pasternak

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Brazil registers 12 cases of the Ômicron variant of coronavirus. In addition to São Paulo with five cases, the Federal District and Goiás confirmed two cases each and Rio Grande do Sul confirmed the third infection this Monday (13).

The prime minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson confirmed the death of a patient in the region after contracting the Ômicron variant of the coronavirus.

Natalia Pasternak, microbiologist, told the CNN that, with this scenario, some of the questions about variant B1.1.529 have already been answered.

“The first [pergunta] is whether it was actually more transferable than Delta and, it turns out, yes, it is capable of winning a competition.”

Despite this, she points out that it is not yet possible to know whether the variant is capable of causing more serious illness. “Everything indicates that it doesn’t seem to cause more serious or less serious illness.”

Even so, the microbiologist explains that “we will need a third dose because there is a loss in the ability to neutralize antibodies generated by previous infection or by vaccines.”

The expert points out that it does not mean that we are back to square one of fighting the virus.

She explains that vaccinal inequality in these campaigns will be a problem. “The same inequality that exists in the world, we have here. Some states were unable to vaccinate like the state of São Paulo, for example.”

She questions how Ômicron will behave in an unvaccinated population. “There is a risk that you will have a strain that has vaccine escape re-circulating in a population that is not fully protected.”

For the expert, the ‘filters’ available are the resources that countries can adopt to reduce transmission.

Pasternak comments on the decision of the Anvisa to require a vaccine passport for people who came to the country.

“We have several filters that we can institutionalize to reduce contagion and keep the population more protected, and the vaccine is one of them. And the vaccine passport is the most important of these filters.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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