Vaccine patents: Angela Merkel steadfast in her anti-lifting position

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The German chancellor Angela Merkel clarified on Thursday that Berlin continues to oppose the removal of copyright protection for COVID-19 vaccines, while today begins the summit of the Group of Seven (G7) most industrialized countries in the world, which will last as on Sunday.

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“There has been no change in Germany’s position” he said characteristically.

According to AMPE, the summit of the leaders of the USA, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Japan, in which the head of EU diplomacy will also participate, Measures are expected to be announced to tackle the global pandemic and to strengthen health and welfare systems to prevent or deal more effectively with future health crises.

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However Merkel remains opposed to lifting copyright protection of vaccines for COVID-19, judging that it would not help. Sources close to the German government claim that they are not patents those that slow down their global production.

Berlin argues that this measure, called for by countries such as South Africa and India, would discourage private pharmaceutical companies from investing and having the resources needed to develop vaccines such as COVID-19.

Regarding the donation of vaccines to the poorest countries, sources close to the German government assured that the country has already done a lot and that it is a “big supporter” of initiatives of this nature.

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