Vaccine third dose, the possible schedule of administrations starting from September

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While Parliament is preparing to discuss and vote on the so-called green pass decree-law, the one approved on August 6, without trusting, begins to take shape calendar of anti-Covid vaccinations as for the third dose. It will therefore not be a completion of the cycle for specific bands but, in fact, a “booster”, that is an additional and booster dose, for the whole population. Always with thevaccination obligation which is incumbent on if the coverage is not deemed sufficient (for example there are always over three million over 50s without even an injection).

The decline in protection in terms of infections that emerges over the months will begin at the end of September. This was announced by Health Minister Roberto Speranza on the sidelines of the sector G20 in Rome. The first to receive the recall will be the frail patients, on all those oncology and those who have received a transplant. Then it will be the turn of the over 80s, those who, despite the vaccine, still continue to risk more and the guests of the assisted residences. Only then will we move on to health workers which instead a year ago were the first to inaugurate the colossal vaccination campaign that counts today nearly 80 million doses administered and over 72% of the population over 12 who completed their cycle with the second dose. The extension of the validity of the digital green certificate to 12 months, in fact, gives time until the end of December, in fact January, to take care of the health professionals.

As with the requirement, a third dose will probably be expected for the third dose as well official opinion of the EMA, the European Medicines Agency, also regarding the procedures to be followed to bring to higher levels or reactivate the immune system with respect to the spike protein of Sars-CoV-2 and its many variants (the dominant in Italy, with over the 99%, is the very contagious Delta). The recommendations on vaccination target groups of last March will therefore be updated, at least for the third dose.

From September and October you should therefore start from cancer patients, immunosuppressed (or being treated with immunosuppressive drugs), people undergoing organ or stem cell transplantation and dialysis. About 500 thousand people, for the firepower of the vaccination system at the moment (as long as one relies in whole or in part on the hub system) feasible in a very short time. Between December and January, perhaps a little earlier to give more protection in the colder months (those in which you are more indoors), it will be up to fragile patients: over 80 e residents of the rsa. They are about 4.5 million people. Thirdly, between January and March, we will continue with the third dose for all medical and social health operators. This is two million people.

From the beginning of 2022, depending on the efficiency and speed of the regional systems, we will return to the personal data criterion, for pathologies perhaps initially excluded and above all considering two other factors: the time elapsed since the second dose and the possible positivity to Sars-Cov-2 after the second dose. In short, for the general population the third dose will be more in no particular order than the first: those who, even younger, have been vaccinated as soon as possible will have the right before those, perhaps older, have decided later. Or, unfortunately, he still hasn’t turned up in a vaccination center. Those who have been infected after the second dose, on the other hand, will in all likelihood be exempted from the third dose or will be offered with a much longer deadline. All recalls, given current availability and authorizations, will be carried out with mRna vaccines, i.e. Pfizer-BionTech or Moderna.

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