Vaccines, 95% reduced risk of death 35 days after the first dose

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The vaccination campaign has been running at full speed in the last few days exceeded 600 thousand doses per day and General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo went back to talking about the objectives: “Vaccination 80% of the population by September this year, including 12-15 year olds. In total there are 54.3 million Italians ». An important milestone, which overlaps with the need to give maximum coverage to the student population, at least that of high schools and the last years of middle school.

“We must not waste anything in terms of resources, people, time and means – added Figliuolo – Italy has everything, you just need to know how to put it together and in a coordinated way”.

The numbers speak for themselves: the mass vaccination is working, and above all it is working to have secured the most fragile sections of the population to reduce lethality and hospitalization rates. Where also a few hundred thousand people are still missing. Thelast report of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health on Covid-19 vaccine surveillance which updates that of May 15. The surveillance results say that “the protection induced by Covid-19 vaccines is”protracted over time“, Although at the moment it is not possible to quantify this duration”. This is suggested by the most recent data, relating to a period between 105 and 112 days from the first dose of the vaccine.

And give confirm what emerged from the previous report, however, monitoring about 14 million people vaccinated with at least one dose: the risk of death drops by 95%, the risk of diagnosis or admission to intensive care 80 and 90% respectively. Not only that: the analysis also confirms how “the risks of Sars-CoV-2 infection, hospitalization, admission to intensive care and death decrease rapidly after the first two weeks and up to approximately 35 days after the first dose is given“. After 35 days, the report continues, “there is a stabilization of this reduction”, which as mentioned is precisely about 80% for the risk of diagnosis, 90% for the risk of hospitalization and admission to intensive care and 95% for the risk of death “. In short, the increase in the antibody titre causes a collapse of the various types of risk from the 14th to the 35th day after the first dose, and then stabilize over time for periods of up to at least 130 days, always from the first dose alone. But which in all likelihood are much longer: at the moment the validity of the green vaccination pass in Italy ranges from 15 days after the first dose to 9 months after the second.

Compared to the previous report, in the population studied there was an increase in vaccinated subjects in the age group from 40 years and the ministry and Iss observed an increase in vaccinations with Comirnaty (Pfizer / BioNTech) and Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) and the start of administration of the single-dose Janssen vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).

“These data – explained the president of the ISS Silvio Brusaferro – confirm the effectiveness of vaccinations and the vaccination campaign, and the need to quickly reach high coverage in the entire population to get out of the emergency thanks to this fundamental tool”.

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