Vaccines in the company, vaccination protocol signed: it starts in May

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The vaccine can be made in the company starting from the month of May. Businesses will be able to vaccinate their employees. All on a voluntary basis. Companies will choose whether to get vaccinated internally and employees will in turn decide to get vaccinated. The agreement was made with the Ministry of Health and Labor. Inail has set the rules: the protocol has already been approved.

The companies present a plan to the local health authority. The plan must contain the number of vaccines required, based on the requests received.

The costs for the creation and management of the business plans are borne by the company including the provision of suitable premises, the payment of health professionals and the management of appointments for administration. Instead, it is borne by the regional health services “the supply of vaccines, delivery devices (syringes and needles) and the provision of the training tools provided and the tools for recording vaccinations performed is the responsibility of the territorially competent Regional Health Services “.

To administer must be a health worker and the premises prepared by the company must be suitable for the procedure. Company doctors can take the course of the Higher Institute of Health online. “Whoever withdraws the vaccine will have to guarantee its correct management with particular reference to maintaining the cold chain”.

Companies that do not have an internal doctor or suitable rooms can rely on “To private health facilities”. They can make an agreement with the facilities that have the requirements for vaccination. The vaccine is always paid for by the Health Service, the rest is paid by the company. They can also use the health facilities of Inail. Smaller companies can join together to organize vaccination.

The choice to get vaccinated is voluntary. Every worker must be left free to choose and has the right to privacy. It must therefore choose to join. There are no age priorities in corporate vaccinations. If the vaccination is performed during working hours, the time required is equated with working hours.

By the time they start, the risk categories should have already been covered. The employee, after having received the instructions on the vaccine from the doctor, must give “Informed consent” and before getting vaccinated he must measure his temperature and indicate his state of health.

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