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Valentina Ferragni falls down the stairs while in Paris for Fashion Week

Story of a fall down the stairs: the talking is Valentina Ferragni. “We were going down the stairs of the condominium and my heel got stuck in the carpet covering the stairs,” explains the influencer in a Instagram storyventing to her followers after getting a scare rolling down four steps.

While is in Paris to attend the main Fashion Week shows, Valentina Ferragni, who recently went brown, recalled the episode during a hair and makeup session. “Practically the carpet on the stairs of our condominium is covered with a layer of dirt-repellent plastic because they are doing some work in the building. My heel got stuck and I flew and, I swear, I had a movie-like fall! I killed myself, everything still hurts. And the thing that makes me laugh even more is that I wasn't even the first to fall: Everyone in this house has already fallen and only I was missing!, commented Chiara Ferragni's younger sister bursting out laughing. «I said to myself: “How strange, I'm the one who always falls and breaks, how come I haven't fallen yet?” It seemed strange to me that fate had graced me. Until today! Luckily I didn't break anything”, concluded the influencer.

Valentina Ferragni then told about one girl on his team who, while he was inside the apartment that is hosting them during their Parisian stay, she fell off the couch, tripping over her own feeti, shattering a coffee table.

Source: Vanity Fair

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