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Valentina Ferragni: “It makes sense if you live in color”

In Rome the sky is gray, rain threatens: “I always find the weather uncertain when I’m here, what a bad luck”, he immediately says Valentina Ferragni that we meet in the capital on the occasion of the launch event, open to the public in Rinascente Tritone, of the Spring / Summer 2022 collection of his homonymous jewelry brand.

In spite of the inclement weather, her look radiates sunshine: turquoise blazer, jeans and orange pumps. To the lobes the Uali earrings respectively in shades bubblegum And white, among the novelties of the line, as well as the Mia ring enameled in white and zircons, also in the lilac version with white zircons pave, the Caro pendants, in 925 silver with 24 carat gold galvanic and the smaller Joy earrings, in 925 silver and platinum finishes, which play with different color combinations: “I’m afraid no one will come to the presentation,” he continues, proving to be like all of us. A woman with her fears and her insecurities.

The Uali bubblegum mono earring

The Uali white mono earring

Not one of the Ferragni, but just a girl who works, is committed and hopes that this will be recognized. Apparently Valentina is famous, followed on social media, photographed at fashion shows, cover star of glossy magazines. To over four million followers she shows her lights without hiding the shadows of her life.

For example, speaking clearly about his health problems, not least the failed analyzes regarding his insulin resistance, therefore to be redone, and the removal of a tumor on the forehead, recalling the importance of controls and prevention. He has chosen to tell every nuance of his existence, even the darkest ones, but he immediately points out: «I love colors, they make me happy, they change the way I see myself. It is perceived by how I live, by how I dress. Because of this my jewels are declined in bright or pastel tones: now I also offer them in a neon version in lime and fluo pink nuances ».

Does this chromatic choice, even more energetic, of the new collection by Valentina Ferragni Studio reflect the post-pandemic life expectancy?

“Maybe yes. At the base there is the desire to go back to doing simple things that make you feel good. I have always had in mind not to want to make complicated accessories, those you wear in the morning and think that they are not suitable for the evening. Life is already difficult: I have focused on jewels to wear without thinking about it too much, adaptable all day and on every outfit, even to customize. A single earring, it is declined in various ways. My products are cheerful, light in every sense. I have studied a lot to make them comfortable and comfortable. I test everything first, I want the quality to be excellent ».

How did this adventure start and why did you focus on jewels?

«I previously collaborated with the Italian brand rue des Mille and it went very well. I was given carte blanche and discovered a world full of limitless imagination. The jewels have no gender or age and this gives the freedom to create something unique. This is why I thought of making something of my own and with Alessandra Osio, who supports me in the production, we designed the first V-shaped earring, from the initial of my name, which we called Uali, my nickname. The first collection was launched in September 2020. Even today that sheet with the first project is framed in our office ».

Campaign for Valentina Ferragni Studio’s Spring / Summer collection

In addition to the commitment behind the creation of the jewels, he is keen to emphasize that they are completely Made in Italy.

«I searched from North to South for the right company, which I then found in Arezzo, to produce the line because I have always had the goal of creating something that was 100% Italian. Paying homage to our country also means creating business here, not just tourism. I inform followers a lot about the enormous commitment and values ​​behind my brand, such as craftsmanship and sustainability. Everything is studied with attention to detail, even the packs in recycled cardboard. We do not produce in series, I am not interested in selling in quantity, the aim is quality. For this reason the collections are made up of a few pieces ».

Instagram content

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Have you always had a passion for jewelry? Has she ever “stolen” something from her mother’s jewelry box?

«My mother has always been very jealous of her valuables that she made us look at but not touch. I’ve never worn anything about her. And to think that now she is putting mine! I remember when I was a child I bought colored beads in haberdashery and created bracelets, necklaces and scooby doo which I then sold in the pool for 50 cents. In the end, we trace the right path from an early age ».

The New York Times she and her sister Chiara defined the Italian Kardashians. What did she think when she read it?

«I have always admired Kim and the others, for me they are unattainable. A group of women who have contributed to changing the vision of female beauty and fashion with commitment and work. You see them on the cover, beautiful and flawless, but no one imagines that behind every single photo there is a crazy job. Being compared to them, even for my new business, filled me with pride and emotion. Also because the Kardashians are American. Emerging in Italy worldwide remains increasingly difficult, but not impossible. We think of Sophia Loren once, the Måneskin today. And, of course, to Chiara ».

Instagram content

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Together with your sister, how do you think you have changed the vision of fashion in Italy?
“Without doubt helping to make it more democratic. Before it was a world that lived only in magazines, made up exclusively of supermodels. We couldn’t get there. Instead, fashion is for everyone and everyone. And it was us, Chiara in the first place, who provided that bridge, that intermediate passage between the fashion system and normal people. Now the designer labels and models are no longer on a pedestal. We are all at the same level and we can also wear beautiful clothes that were previously only admired from afar ».

Is the world of fashion today really more welcoming, inclusive?
“I speak from my experience: I have always been accused of being overweight to work in fashion but the truth is that no one in the environment has ever made me feel unsuitable. Instead, it was the social audience made up of ordinary people who criticized me with malice and this made me strange. Why am I okay with the fashion system, always portrayed as ruthless, and not with the rest of the world? Luckily Gen Z doesn’t like the trend of perfection anymore. They want reality ».

On Instagram she was also attacked for lack of sensitivity towards the war in Ukraine as she participated in the fashion shows of the Milan Fashion Week. Why is working in fashion still perceived as fun and not a job?
“I dealt with this on social media. Unfortunately, fashion is still seen by most as something superficial and frivolous. The war is there and we are aware of it but the work goes on, in everyone. sectors. Let’s not forget that fashion employs millions of people. It would be necessary to show more the effort and sacrifice behind every aspect and area of ​​this machine which is so important for the Italian economy ».

Which clothes do you feel most comfortable with?
“I don’t have a specific style. I dress according to the mood of the day. More romantic, more woman, more casual. Today, for example, I am more in the role of an entrepreneur. The fil rouge that unites the items in my wardrobe is color ».

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If you could have a diva’s wardrobe for a day, what would it be?
“Can I name two? Surely the one, full of wonders, by Kylie Jenner who has a collection of bags that I am delighted with. And then that of Lady Diana: often, looking for inspiration for my looks, I look at her photos. A great icon ».

What would you borrow from Chiara’s walk-in closet?
“In truth, I already draw from her (laughs, ed.). Certainly everyday clothes and accessories more than red carpet looks. I prefer what I can wear easily without thinking too much about it ».

Is this the spirit with which you will also prepare your suitcase for the upcoming summer?
«Yes: I will put in colorful costumes, linen dresses, hats, scarves, sandals and a straw bag. I love lightness ».

How do you imagine in ten years, on the threshold of forty, always an age of evaluations in the life of women?
«I hope to be where I feel good, to have no regrets and continue with this business by opening up to other categories, trying my hand at something different. I prefer to experiment and make mistakes than not to try. Whatever happens, I hope to be happy ».

Is it today?

In the gallery 10 full-color looks by Valentina Ferragni.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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