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Valentine’s Day: find out which celebrities will spend the day single

Celebrated annually on June 12th, the Valentine’s Day is approaching, guaranteeing a special moment for those who are in a romance full of passion.

However, some celebrities who have recently put an end to their respective relationships must pass the date singles enjoying your own company.

From Gracyanne Barbosa to Davi Brito, to CNN Below we gathered 7 artists who, this year, will spend the date alone. Check out:

Gracyanne Barbosa

After 16 years together, Gracyanne and Belo ended their marriage in April. Since then, the fitness muse has shared a few times that she is going through a phase of self-discovery.

Gracyanne Barbosa ended her marriage to Belo after 16 years


Just like his ex, the musician will also spend the date away from a relationship. In fact, on the 12th, the pagodeiro will perform at Vibra São Paulo with a Valentine’s Day special on the “Belo In Concert” tour.

Belo and Gracyanne broke up after 16 years

Deborah Secco

After nine years of marriage, the actress separated from photographer Hugo Moura in April and, since then, has not embarked on a new romance.

Deborah Secco broke up with Hugo Moura

Former BBB Lucas Pizane

At the end of May, ex-BBB Lucas Pizane announced the end of his relationship with Beatriz Esquivel in Released in Salvador , from Prime Video. The Bahian, who has been taking advantage of invitations to parties and events after the reality show, is also expected to spend the day single.

Lucas ended the relationship after BBB 24

Enrique Diaz

After 25 years with actress Mariana Lima, Enrique Diaz’s marriage also came to an end. So far, he, who is in the cast of Dança dos Famosos, has not publicly confirmed another relationship.

Henrique Diaz and Mariana Lima ended their marriage after 25 years together

David Brito

After becoming the BBB 24 champion, Davi Brito confirmed the end of his relationship with Mani Reggo. During his participation in Altas Horas, on TV Globo, the Bahian stated that the social worker put an end to the relationship.

Ex-BBB Davi Brito is Mani Reggo's ex-boyfriend

Duda Nagle

The month of April marked a period of breakups among celebrities. Duda Nagle also joined the list after announcing the end of her relationship with Michele Balsamão Morais. The two had publicly announced their relationship in February — after the actor’s relationship with Sabrina Sato ended.

Duda Nagle is Sabrina Sato's ex-husband

Former BBB Lucas Buda

Closing the list, Lucas Buda had his divorce with Camila Moura confirmed before even leaving the confinement of BBB 24. The separation, according to the content creator, was motivated by his flirtations with Giovanna Pitel, another participant in the reality show.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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