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Valentine’s Day: see tips for choosing the ideal wine for the occasion

Valentine’s Day: see tips for choosing the ideal wine for the occasion

of all wine pairings possible, there is one that does not go wrong: the one that considers the occasion. Yes, the food that will be served matters, but the choice must take into account other factors.

For example, the wine that will accompany meat during a business dinner may be different from the wine that will accompany a barbecue with friends.

In the first situation, the choice can be more sophisticated and dedicated to creating a third flavor from the connection between meat fat and tannins, while in the second it is possible to consider something more relaxed.

When we think of romantic occasions, like the Valentine’s Day , celebrated on June 12th in Brazil, the most important thing is to create a pleasant climate that favors the connection between the people involved. Read: kiss on the mouth.

Next, sommelière Pri Matta explains why the high acidity and low body of the wines are ideal for Valentine’s Day, as well as tips on the grapes to choose:

high acidity

As far as wine is concerned, the acidity is the main ally here. After all, she’s the one who’s going to do the mouth fill with saliva with each sip, the famous “water in the mouth”.

already the tannins which are most commonly found in red wines is that they leave the dry mouth feeling which is exactly what we don’t want in this situation.

We can still resort to the idea of ​​food pairing if we think about a date. A date often involves dinner, or a table of varied snacks. Once again, acidity appears here as a guideline in the choice of wine, because it brings versatility to the compositions and gives the feeling of “cleaning the palate” during meals.

short body

Another point to take into account is the body of wine that, to the extent that it is more delicate , will also help when pairing with more types of food. Furthermore, it will bring feeling of lightness and fluidity that will make all the difference in the meeting.

But which wines have good acidity and little body? If we think generically, sparkling wines are the champions, and will still bring an air of festivity that has everything to do with a special occasion.

But there are also whites, rosés and some reds with a more delicate body that can fulfill the function well.

Tips when choosing

  • Sparkling wines: The drier ones, such as brut, extra brut and nature, will make the acidity more noticeable in the mouth;
  • Rosés: Wines produced in regions such as Provence and the Loire Valley in France, Navarre in Spain and northern Italy are often more refreshing;
  • Whites: Some grapes are known to produce wines with more outstanding acidity, such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Alvarinho and Torrontés;
  • Reds: It is important to think of delicate and fresh reds, so as not to “weigh” anyone. Here fits Pinot Noir, Gamay and Barbera, for example.

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About Pri Matta

Priscilla is a journalist, sommelière and creator of the profile @deondevinho on Instagram. She makes it clear that she doesn’t talk about wines there, but about moments. It’s just that wine is in everyone!

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