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Valentino Garavani, the Voghera Theater reopens its doors and is dedicated to him

The Voghera Theatre, after years of closure for a major restoration work, is once again opening its doors. And it does so with a completely new look and title. Originally opened in 1845, the then Social Theatre is, today, the Valentino Garavani Theatre, a tribute from the city to the famous designer who was born here.

«After celebrating his birthday with an exciting retrospective installation dedicated to his creations, today we name the city theater after Valentino Garavani, as an act of affection and gratitude for having influenced the entire world of fashion with his creativity and style» declared Paola Garlaschelli, Mayor of Voghera.

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The affectionate tribute and the long-awaited reopening were celebrated with a special evening, organized by the city of Voghera, the Valentino Garavani Foundation and Giancarlo Giammetti together with Eleonora Abbagnato. The show is framed by the hall and stage of the beloved theatre, where it came to life An evening at the opera with Valentino, an unpublished work conceived and directed by the famous étoile in collaboration with Daniele Cipriani and the digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi.

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Opening with a performance by the young Soprano from Fabrica of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Valentina Gargano, the evening saw famous dancers take to the stage who performed exciting performances, including that of Eleonora Abbagnato and Spanish Sergio Bernal, protagonists of the new ballet entitled **“Mr Valentino” **choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer, Artistic Director of Rambert. An engaging show, which reconstructed the behind-the-scenes of Valentino Garavani’s career at a dance pace. To make everything even more evocative, the historic creations from the Valentino Garavani archive worn by the étoile and the Maison’s tailor’s coats shown off by the dance troupe.

“I am honored and thrilled by this precious recognition from the city where I was born,” he said Valentino Garavani. «Theatre is a wonderful art form, which has had an incredible influence on my work and the development of my career. Knowing that today the citizens of Voghera and the centers surrounding it will once again have such a fundamental place of art and culture makes me very happy and confident also in the future of many young people who will thus have the opportunity to approach this world without moving away too much from home.”

The support of the Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti Foundation for the Voghera theater will not end with the inaugural event. In addition to curating the calendar and supporting the artistic seasons, the Foundation will also award scholarships to young people in the area who have the dream of building a career in the world of dancing, singing and acting.

Source: Vanity Fair

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