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Valeria Golino: the story of my career

Giant François Truffaut argued that movies were better than real life. “Yes, only if they are beautiful”, reflects the most international of Italian actresses. Almost 40 years of careerabout ninety films including major productions by great directors and author bets, not counting the works she directed and the TV series she starred in (and is also Academy member who awards Oscar for many years), Valeria Golino he takes the time to remember the stages and points of his amazing curriculum, above all the less obvious moments. Because it’s easy not to forget Love story of 1986, which launched it and gave it the first Coppa Volpi, or of Rain Man – The Rain Man of 1988, alongside Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, or of Puerto Escondido in 1992, the first of the four calls by Gabriele Salvatores. However, in Valeria’s heart there is also Breath 2002, which she defines «perfect, hypnotic, pure, inspired, universal despite being made on an island, Lampedusa. Grazia, my character, is courageously different in a small community where there are archaic laws, and is one of the most beautiful I have played ».

Continue with Mario’s war of 2005, «about a bourgeois Neapolitan woman who tries to foster a seven / eight-year-old child from the suburbs with a disastrous past. The film is conceived as a clearly chaste and platonic love story. Antonio Capuano is another of those directors I would always work with ». Then move on to Cash – Place your bets, a French work of 2008, with Jean Dujardin and Jean Reno, «different because action is not really my thing. In this daring detective story I am a bit of a naughty anti-heroine, a policewoman who underneath is a thief .. Now I’m going to see him again ».

The most recent Human capital (2013) is the first time of Valeria Golino with Paolo Virzì («an opportunity»), which earned her the David di Donatello as supporting actress. “It is a job that has a specific weight in our culture”.
His directorial debut about ten years ago was unmissable with Honey«Taken from a short story I forgive you, which I squeezed like a lemon and then filtered it with my personal vision. It seemed almost impossible to make such gory content as assisted suicide. However, the fear of disappointment was stronger with my second job, Euphoria of 2018. It is an original subject, inspired by the true, painful and funny story of a close friend and his brother. I wanted to make an Italian film like the great masters did very well before me ».

For your sake, from 2015, made me return to Naples, a city where it is very easy to find inspiration. Giuseppe M. Gaudino’s is a free cinema as it is rare to be able to do today, which takes risks, which does abstruse but beautiful things. And then, he brought me my second Coppa Volpi ».

Finally, the second season of T.he Morning Show, Apple’s flagship title with Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell. “The casting director who offered me the part was the same one who auditioned me 30 years ago for my first American film. In this case, however, no audition: the screenwriter wrote my character imagining me. It was a worthwhile experience. Useful to resize myself, because I remembered how it is when you don’t have the power, if you can talk about power, in your hands “.

Source: Vanity Fair

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