Value of the basic food basket increases in 16 of 17 capitals in the month of October

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The value of the basic food basket rose in 16 of 17 state capitals in October, compared to September, according to the National Survey of the Basic Food Basket, carried out by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese).

According to the survey, Vitória (ES) had the biggest increase, with 6%, followed by Florianópolis (SC), with 5.71%, and Rio de Janeiro, with 4.79%. The only one of the 17 capitals that participated in the study that had a drop in the value of the basic food basket was Recife, where there was a decrease of 0.85%. If considering the gross value, Florianópolis has the most expensive basket in Brazil, in the amount of R$700.69. São Paulo (693.79) and Porto Alegre (691.08) appear next.

All 17 cities had an increase in price in the sum of the last 12 months, that is, when comparing the values ​​in October 2020 and October 2021. If the numbers are counted since January 2021, all capitals also had increases.

Among the products that stood out the most, coffee and tomatoes rose in 16 surveyed capitals, while sugar registered a rise in price in 15 of them. The minimum amount should be BRL 5,886.50, compared to the amount of BRL 1,100 that is in force.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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