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Vana Lopes, the first victim to denounce Roger Abdelmassih, dies in São Paulo

Vana Lopes, one of the victims and the first to denounce the crimes of former doctor Roger Abdelmassih, died this Saturday (28) in São Paulo, as a result of breast cancer and bone metastasis, as confirmed by the president of the group “United Victims”, Maria do Carmo Santos.

In an interview with CNN the president of the group said that Vana underwent surgery against breast cancer, but because she contracted hepatitis from Roger Abdelmassih, she was unable to undergo chemotherapy.

The activist then underwent 40 radiotherapies and began to complain of pain, which turned out to be metastases in her ribs, pelvis and legs.

Vana came to Brazil in November to say goodbye to her family, country and sea, according to the president. Since then, she has stayed with her family in São Paulo.

An assisted reproduction specialist, Abdelmassih was sentenced to more than 180 years in prison for the sexual abuse of dozens of patients between the years 1990 and 2000.

According to Maria, Vana had the dream of seeing the Statute of the Victim in operation in Brazil and the result of the action in the inter-American court that judges Brazil for omissions practiced in the case against Roger Abdelmassih.

She points out that the ‘united victims’ group created by Vana was like a symbolic child and today, the group shows the need to continue the fight against violence and abuse.

According to the president, Vana’s contribution is a demonstration of overcoming pain and that women’s words can have power.

Source: CNN Brasil

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