Vanity Fair Social Garden, here’s how to sign up for workshops and masterclasses

Vanity Fair Social Garden, here’s how to sign up for workshops and masterclasses

Even this year, Vanity Fair participate in the Milan Design Weekwith the new edition of Vanity Fair Social garden.

The event will be held from 18 to 23 April in via Bergognone 26to Milan. Admission is free, but, to guarantee priority access to the various workshops and masterclasses, it is worthwhile book right away.

The theme of the 2023 edition is the active change: We Can Be Heroes. We can all be the heroes of this one green generation, giving our concrete contribution to correct the course of events. In the Vanity Fair Social Gardenwe will meet for this, to plant the seeds and grow concrete intentions and practical actions, to see how things could already work differently: without wasting energy, recycling waste, respecting everyone’s work.

And so, during the week, a rich schedule of round tables, workshops and laboratories for children, moments of entertainment to put everyone in front of the awareness that we are responsible for what will be. Children including, that here, together with Kikolle Labthey will be able to learn how to create a micro-garden in a bottle and, with Gypsy Chip, will be called upon to recover textile waste to create new artefacts on the loom. There are also many activities for adults: Yves Rocher, together with the beauty expert Martina Lucenawill give advice on hair care and, with theGomitolorosa Association, will coordinate a special wool therapy session; then we move on to the sustainable fortune teller of Plot Plaza and the chef’s veg cuisine Edward Valsecchi, from the speaker’s “technological” talk Jody Cecchetto with Athena Missing of Haier Europe, up to the workshops with plants and flowers previously organized by Botanical Clinic and then from St-Germain in collaboration with Flower pots. And again: the multisensory tastings of Sergio MomoCEO and Creative Director Xerjoff, and the masterclasses created by Uriage to learn more about skincare. The program concludes on Sunday with consultations by Scarlett Migliaccio for a really green style and with the upcycling of old t-shirts to do with Humana People to People Italy And Belt Bag.

Advise: REGISTER ONLINE FIRST allows you to secure your place.

Source: Vanity Fair