Vanity Fair Stories 2022, Andrea Favaretto: «Those who love to travel will eventually go much further than those who want to get there at all costs»

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After the success of the previous four editions, the Vanity Fair Storiesthe largest fully live event of Vanity Fair which for the first time is staged at Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan (via Larga 14).

This year’s theme The change is you, stories that change the world. Many characters alternate on the stage who are an active part of the change: actors and directors, comedians and singers, writers, dancers, key figures of culture.

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Among these too Andrew Favarettomental and life coach, author of the book Willpower is bullshit, which launches the challenge on how to get out of your comfort zone, protagonist of the Ted Talk Skoda. «They call me life or mental coach, a role associated with going beyond, I for one don’t like it when they try to motivate me. I don’t want to motivate people, but I always try to ask to look inside and look for something that everyone feels is normal».

Not white and not black. «I’m looking for a path between the desire for change and what we know how to give. Each of us has something unique inside, where we do things effortlessly. When we feel like this we don’t have that little internal voice, because we do something that taps into our potential.”

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«I try to make sure that the person finds in himself an idea that broadens a vision, consider the idea of ​​expanding the comfort zone with our characteristics: those who love to travel will eventually go much further than those who want to get there at all costs».

His entire speech, complete monologue, can be found in the video above.

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