Vanity Fair Stories 2022, Coma Cose: «We have distanced ourselves, even from the ones to find ourselves again»

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After the success of the previous four editions, the Vanity Fair Storiesthe largest fully live event of Vanity Fair which for the first time is staged at Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan (via Larga 14).

This year’s theme The change is you, stories that change the world. Many characters alternate on the stage who are an active part of the change: actors and directors, comedians and singers, writers, dancers, key figures of culture.

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Among these too Like ThingsFausto Lama and California, the Milanese indie pop/rap duo who became famous with flames in the eyes, reached the third album A wonderful way to save yourself, who answer the first question: «After Sanremo we did a tour of 30 dates and in September then we said to each other “now we’re going to work on the next album”. To write it we felt the need to find ourselves a bit. Because after a while you lose your essence. We withdrew for eight months, we turned off social networks, it was a rather surreal experience ».

And then they talked about how it is as a couple in life and work, and how after having immersed themselves in their separate lives, both returned to stay in their hometowns after the tour, one in Salò and the other in Pordenone , hearing little on the phone, they met for the new album. Which has a new formula and involves many other musicians besides the two of them.

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