Vanity Fair Stories 2022, Emma Marrone: «The insults? I am the ignorance of this country”

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Continuous applause, final ovation. Emma won everyone’s heart on stage at the Vanity Fair Stories 2022the largest live event of Vanity Fair which was staged at Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan with The change is you, stories that change the world.

Emma conquered everyone because as always her voice is strong and powerful, without discounts, direct. Like her. “They taught me not to look away”, tells. It’s still: “I say uncomfortable things because if I wanted to please everyone I would have called myself “Nutella”, instead I’m Emma Marrone».

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And when they ask her about the social attack immediately after the publication of the cover of Vanity Fair, and the interview in which she stood up for fertilization for singles and spoke of motherhood, she says: «On social networks they only read a title, not the content and they lashed out at me. They insult regardless. The thing that displeased me most is that most of those who insulted me were women, while my speech was specifically for women. But in the end they are people who should only be hugged, otherwise you won’t explain all this wickedness. The insult is the ignorance of this country. We are an ignorant country and probably the ignorance we see around is the result of the cuts that are made to education. Not to mention the cuts in medicine, so then we are surprised if the best doctors who work abroad are Italian, but because here they have neither the means, nor the structures, nor the technologies”.

Talk about your movie The return by Stefano Chiantini, where she plays a woman in prison who has to fight to win back her son, a character, that of Teresa, for whom «I gave everything», she says «even my beautiful blond hair, which I cut and cut badly because women in prison they don’t have a hairdresser, but I wanted to experience that sense of shame and inadequacy to the fullest. I gave Teresa six intense weeks, I was devastated for her, because I wanted Teresa to have a true and real identity».

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Then talk about the change, Emma, «I like the unknown, the unknown, throwing myself into the dark towards things I can’t predict. In truth, I’m a control freak, so sometimes I like to live outside my comfort zone, absurdly when I experience situations that I can’t control, my creativity is born, I’m reborn like a phoenix». What certainly would never change, however, is itself: «I’ve never compromised. While compromising isn’t always a sleazy thing, the fact is that I’m a proud, rather underachiever, but I can’t let go of my pride. I’m from a small town and when I said I was going to be a famous singer, they treated me like the town crazy. Just being who I am has exceeded any form of expectation. I know that I have never sold out and never sold out, I prefer to have less but to be right with my conscience ».

Emma conquers hearts by the strength of her truthlike when he says on stage that she would love to join Tinderand that in his profile he would have “dominatrix, I cook well and iron my underwear”. That when you read the news that we’ve touched 8 billion people in the world, you thought, but miss one who gets engaged to me? “Am I romantic? I don’t remember, I haven’t been in a relationship for many years, but if I were engaged today the maximum romance is waiting for me to come home and prepare some nice things, a couple of cuddles ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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