Vanity Fair Stories 2022, Mara Maionchi with Tommaso Zorzi: «We are two liars»

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«I’ve learned not to care about comments, criticisms leave the time they find» says Tommaso Zorzi, when asked what his most recent change is. Mara Maionchi, on the other hand, feels monolithic: “what you are comes out in the end, you can’t change that much”.

Thus begins the dialogue, interspersed with uproarious laughter, between Mara Maionchirecord company and television face, e Tommaso Zorziinfluencer, former Big Brother Vip contestant and host of Drag Race Italy. After the success of the previous four editions, the Vanity Fair Storiesthe largest fully live event of Vanity Fair which for the first time is staged at Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan (via Larga 14). This year’s theme The change is you, stories that change the world. Many characters alternate on the stage who are an active part of the change: actors and directors, comedians and singers, writers, dancers, key figures of culture.

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When asked if their sincerity (in Mara’s case often seasoned with profanity, as she admits: “They come out like this…”) has ever gotten them into trouble, Zorzi responds by reflecting on his private life. «I can’t help but say things, I must necessarily be sincere, even if you later regret…». And Mara: “I’m worse, I don’t even regret…”. Thunderous applause. «Besides, I have furious anger, what should I do about it?».

Most illegal thing you’ve done? Mara takes it wide: «I’m a liar if I want to do something I like but I know that others don’t like it. For example? I go to play poker and I don’t say it, it’s a passion of mine. I said a lot of those “falses” for this … I also play burraco. I like to win, but you also lose.” Zorzi also shares the same line: «I am a chronic liar, but it is also because reality must be made more interesting with a little imagination…». And then they are called to order about the lawlessness… «Maybe I smoked a joint» admits Zorzi, while Mara interrupts him: «Me neither because when they were fashionable it wasn’t my era. I know that if I say that I really look like an old woman…». Zorzi presses her: «If you want a joint we can make it together, I would like it!». And Mara: «Never say never! If you want, let’s play burraco first and then… » she jokes.

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Then the two start talking about their idols, and it is mentioned George Gabriel, to whom the theater where Vanity Fair Stories takes place is named, «I am very happy that this theater calls Giorgio Gaber», says Mara Maionchi, «because he was a great man and a great artist». Then the two conclude by recalling Sandra Milo, «the last of the great divas» for Zorzi, and «one who always wears heels! Very good» according to Mara Maionchi.

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