Vanity Fair Stories 2022, the cast of SKAM Italia with Ludovico Bessegato: «Change starts from us»

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After the success of the previous four editions, the Vanity Fair Storiesthe largest fully live event of Vanity Fair which for the first time is staged at Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan (via Larga 14).

This year’s theme The change is you, stories that change the world. Many characters alternate on the stage who are an active part of the change: actors and directors, comedians and singers, writers, dancers, key figures of culture. They are Giancarlo Commare, Francesco Centorame, Pietro Turano, Beatrice Bruschi, Mehdi Meskar, Lea Gavino, Rocco Fasano, Federico Cesari, the actors of the Skam Italia series on stage with Ludovico Bessegato among the creators and authors of a series that has become a cult because it was born from diversity.

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«This series in the Norwegian original had very long acting times which also remained in the Italian one», says Bessegato, «when everyone said that speed was the mark of young people. Not a huge fan of the center-periphery dialectic. The important thing is to get things done, to write while leaving the house. We often write while closed at home imagining what is outside. It does not work. The important thing is to look outside: turn the phone camera, put ourselves aside as much as possible go to physical and emotional places outside our realities». The future? “If they asked me to go on, I’d know what to talk about.”

Each of the young actors tells a piece of himself and a piece of the series at the same time. Francesco Centorame starts from body shaming: «I felt fear and curiosity, I was very stimulated by this theme and by these scenes. It was quite a challenge, to change perspective. There are habits of thought that are difficult to change».

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Leah Gavino on the actresses: «There is a veil of superficiality in which the roles of women are: beautiful, sunny, with a huge secret. The will to dig is a bit lacking». Peter Turano: «The point that has been sought from a certain generation onwards is not courage, but visibility, it is a desire to be there. I was a young activist, I wanted to be in the middle of my community. Only found gay adults. I wanted to be an actor. I have tried to carry on the activism and my dream. If the privilege is not a fault, at least let’s do something about it. Everything has the dignity of being told if told with dignity».

Federico Cesari he recounts what the series brought him: «Going through a second adolescence and being able to consider it from the point of view of someone who has already experienced it. He taught me the value of people and the power they have to save each other. Look at yourself from another point of view and feel welcomed. I understood it from the character and from the effectiveness he had on the public. Telling stories with saving power».

Beatrice Bruschi brings her reading of the other to the stage: «I tried to do my best by hanging out with Muslim boys and the consultant opened the doors of her house to us. The reaction was positive and this made me think that the respect that Sana deserved had been reached, Maybe now girls with the veil want to be an actress: there is a dignified role for me too. I hope things have changed for the better.”

Mehdi Meshar: «Playing this character was important: I was born in Italy and I lived in Paris from the age of 14. In Italy I hadn’t seen in the cinema on TV someone who looked like me, there I saw him. Next year for the first time I’ll play a character called Francesco, an Italian, and I still don’t feel completely legit to play him».

Giancarlo Commare he recounts what he has learned: «Skam has brought about a net change in my career and in my life. I have experienced many crises leaving my comfort zone. I hope I have benefited from it. Skam taught me not to give a damn and not to feel wrong.” Rocco Fasano he closes on the actor’s career and popularity: «We need to find a balance between idealism and realism. I also live in France: the French are very convinced of what they do and they make products for them with a form of pride. We should do the same and Skam really shows young Italians».

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