Vasco’s son Davide Rossi condemned: “They accuse me because my father is famous”

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Davide Rossi, the eldest son of the rocker from Zocca, sentenced in the first degree sentence of 12 October for wrongful death to one year and ten months in prison with revocation of his license, declares himself innocent: “They accuse me because my father is famous”.

Dj, actor, author, was born in Pagani, in the province of Salerno, on April 24, 1986 and is the eldest son of Vasco Rossi, the Modenese rocker, born from the relationship with Stefania Trucillo. Enrolled in the Cinecittà Nuct, in 2003 he made his debut in cinema, starred on TV and in 2018 he also participated in Temptation Island Vip in the role of tempter. Songwriter, he wrote for Valerio Scanu Crystal words. He has two sons.

The Rome Prosecutor’s Office reports the events. It is September 16, 2016. Rossi walks along via Elio Donato, Balduina area of ​​the capital, and does not stop at the stop sign to take via Duccio Garimberti, thus hitting the Panda in which they are located. Francesca Morelli, driving, e Rosella Nicoletti: the first reports a trauma to the neck that heals in 30 days, the second breaks a rib.

There are also on stage Simone Spadano, who claims to be behind the wheel, assuming all the blame e Virginie marsan, daughter of Carlo Vanzina’s wife, Lisa Melidoni, who confirms the version. The two girls immediately contest, but sign the Cid, the friendly statement. Blasco’s son is later accused of wrongful death when instead, according to his version of events, he claims to have stopped to make sure that the two girls were okay and to have left Spadano to sign the documents, leaving only then with Virginie.

The prosecutor asks for two years and eight months for Davide. Simone Spadano is instead accused of having covered the responsibility for the accident, declaring the false. He faces two years in prison.

On 12 October, in the first instance sentence, the judge found him guilty of serious personal injuries on the road and failure to take roadside assistance. David is sentenced to one year and ten months. Simone Spadano at nine, for having declared the false.

«I was not behind the wheel. After the accident I was there, I didn’t leave, I made sure they were fine. Once I saw that the situation was calm I moved away, leaving it in the hands of those who drove ». In a long interview with Corriere della Sera, Blasco’s son then added that he felt confident: «I am calm and I hope that justice takes its course. I know I have done nothing wrong. But I am disappointed with how it went today because it is not right for someone to be accused of something they did not do “. The appeal is awaited.

Il rocker di Zocca, out on November 12 with his highly anticipated new album Are who, defends his eldest son «I am embittered by the sentence which seems to me profoundly unjust because only the theses of the prosecution have been accepted. I am convinced that Davide told the truth and I have faith in the judiciary which, I hope, will restore “the truth” on appeal ».

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