Vasil hard fork successfully activated on Cardano network

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On September 23rd at 01:44 AM (Kyiv/UTC), the Input Output Global (IOG) team successfully activated the Vasil update on the Cardano mainnet. Some changes will take effect with the start of the new era – September 27th.

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“Vasil will significantly increase the performance and potential of Cardano – from increased throughput through diffusion pipelining [оптимизации времени распространения блоков] to improving the developer experience with faster, more efficient scripts and lower costs,” IOG said.

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According to the browser Cardanoscan, at the time of writing, the project network is operating normally and producing blocks. Ecosystem participants reported that after the activation of the update, the blockchain passed stress testing.

With Vasil developers made the second version of the Plutus scripts into the blockchain and modified the cost calculation model for each primitive, reducing its individual parameters. IOG believes that this step will reduce the cost of performing operations by 20-30%.

“Vasil will extend the power of Cardano smart contracts with Plutus V2 scripts and a cost model that improves the efficiency of an already powerful platform. Ultimately, this will reduce the cost of executing scripts and the size of transactions, as well as increase throughput,” wrote Frederik Gregaard, head of the Cardano Foundation.

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