Vegan girl hasn’t used shampoo or conditioner in 6 years…her hair is amazing!

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Shampoo and conditioner have become the protagonists during the washing routine in every girl’s hair, to the point that when we do not apply any, we believe that it is not completely clean.

Washing hair with shampoo is such a common activity that it seems impossible for us to believe that there is someone who does not use it, as it would be classified as a person with an “unhygienic” appearance.

gif of cara delevingne washing her hair

If you thought it was impossible for someone to give up the use of hygiene products for hair, we will introduce you to a girl who is the exception to the rule, as she claims that she has not used shampoo for several years to wash her hair and her confession went viral on networks.

Laura Ashley is a 27-year-old vegan girl from Riverside, California in the United States, who recently caused controversy in TikTokafter publishing a video in which he confessed that for six years he has not used shampoo or conditioner to wash his hair.


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Ashley is not only vegan, but she also follows the #NoPoo trend, which is to not use products that contain chemicals and can damage the scalp.

I had seen things on the internet about some people not using shampoo, and the more I started to dive in, the more I wanted to take everything into my own hands and be as responsible as I could.

screenshot of the video of the girl who has not washed her hair for 6 years

To replace shampooing, she originally applied a baking soda-vinegar mixture to her hair, but now her grooming routine consists solely of using water and a wide-toothed comb.

Laura defines her two-step hair care routine like any other, with the only difference being that she doesn’t use chemicals.

selfie of a tiktoker named Laura Ashley

During the process of changing her lifestyle, Ashley realized all the benefits that not washing it with shampoo or other chemical products brought to her hair. In addition, she also discontinued the use of heat tongs.

My hair looks much healthier now. He was constantly subjecting it to processes involving heat and crushing it with chemicals. Now that I’ve left all that, I have curls in my hair. It’s nice: I wake up, I take a shower and I like my hair.


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The girl assures that another factor that has influenced the health of her hair is the vegan diet that she has adopted for several years.

Once I go out, I wrap my hair in a towel for half an hour and then put on some argan or rosemary oil.

screenshot of a TikTok video

The lifestyle and grooming routine of this girl has been the target of much criticism on social networks, where users have made comments asking what her hair will smell like if she hasn’t washed it for so many years, and ensuring that her hair looks stinky. .

Ashley says that the comments and criticisms do not bother her in the least, on the contrary, they help her page grow and become much more popular.

selfie of a girl on top of a car

Whatever people’s opinion of me and my hair is, I’m reading the comments with laughter. They are doing nothing but boosting my page.

Whether it’s to protect animals or the environment, more and more people are embracing a more natural lifestyle.

selfie of a woman showing her hair

And you? Would you join the #NoPoo trend?

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