Velletri, the teacher mistreats and humiliates the autistic student: “Break the boxes”

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It happened in an elementary school in Velletri. The trial is still ongoing, but from the environmental interceptions and from the images taken by the hidden cameras placed in the courtroom by the carabinieri, it appears that a teacher uttered shocking phrases and mistreated and yanked one of her 7-year-old autistic student.

«You just need someone to break your head», «Mo you’re crying … annoyed even more», «Ignorant peasant» are some of the phrases reported by Repubblica. And again: «You’ll have a bad time when you grow up, because if you start doing these things here they’ll catch you and bring you that… and handcuffs».

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Not only that: the teacher hits the head with a notebook the child, pulls his hair and hits him with a chair. the teacher, a 65-year-old who lives in the center of the Castelli Romani, is now in trial on charges of abuse of means of correction. According to the deputy prosecutor Rita Caracuzzo, the teacher’s behavior constituted for the pupil a “danger of illness in the mind”, “a state of anxiety” and “the aggravation of disturbances of character and behavior”.

The videos also show that the teacher humiliated the child in front of the class, calling him “particularly problematic” and saying to the other pupils: “We must pay no attention to what he says and what he does», and again: «Let’s start early in the morning with this one that breaks eh. Prepare yourself”.

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The carabinieri, explaining what can be seen from the images of the cameras, say that the woman “she grabs his left arm and twists it so much that (the little one) screams in pain. In the photo you can see the child with his arm turned and a pained grimace on his face. The baby can also be heard saying ouch in the audio».

Even if the process is running, however, environmental interceptions are considered unusable, since they were arranged and then extended when it was not possible. The lawyer defending the teacher reiterates that the defendant rejects all the accusations and that there was no ill-treatment, and speaks of a “reaction” from the teacher after the child allegedly kicked her.

Source: Vanity Fair

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