Velvet Cleaner – phone cleaning 1.3.12

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Velvet Cleaner – with just a few taps, it will make your phone smarter, cleaner and safer. In the event of a low battery, you can extend the service life with just one click!

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Phone performance is very important for the daily and productive use of a mobile device. Although very often the smartphone slows down over time and does not feel like new. The battery drains faster. The processor is overheating. The memory is overflowing with junk and unnecessary files.

Here is a list of the features we provide:

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💾 Cache & Junk Cleaner

  • removes residual files
  • frees up storage space

🚀Memory booster

  • finds and puts to sleep heavy background processes

🔋Battery Improver

  • automatically adjusts screen brightness
  • disable background network updates
  • turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to reduce power consumption
  • stop heavy background processes to reduce CPU and RAM usage

♻️Smart widget and push notifications

  • monitors the status of the device in real time!
  • keep track of important events and take full control of your memory and performance

CPCool cooler

  • kill CPU power draining and heating processes to cool down your device
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