Venetian cuisine, the real one: 10 restaurants and trattorias with a proven tradition

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Veneto is one of the most dynamic regions from a culinary and wine point of view, for historical and tourist reasons. Just think about what the Garda, the Dolomites and Venice as destinations for Italians and especially foreigners. The quality level is remarkable: just think of the number of Michelin-starred restaurants (as many as 35, with the Tre Stelle The Grille and four Two Stars) and on the wine front from wines such as Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Lugana not to mention the Prosecco, Known all over the world. Fortunately, the commitment to emerge has not made the peculiarities of Venetian cuisine disappear, among the most loved – many ignore – from Gualtiero Marchesi. “He loved it for its underlying” sweetness “, the result of history and relations with the East, and emphasized the advantage of the many microclimates: in fact, we have the lagoon, the mountains, the lakes, the hills and the plain », Explains Daniel Canzian, a Venetian from Conegliano and the Maestro’s last great pupil. So much so that he offers a menu of Venetian Haute Cuisine in his Milanese restaurant.

The cod at the Trattoria del Bersagliere in Verona (the dining room of the Trattoria in the photo above)


But let’s go back in the Mincio and the Adriatic, where among the restaurants of great chefs and trendy places, there are still some extraordinary taverns where you can taste the typical products: fish from Garda, boiled with pear (sauce made from stale bread, beef and chicken broth, ox marrow and plenty of ground black pepper) and risotto with Veronese Amarone, risi e bisi and the cod alla vicentina, the strained soup and dishes with radicchio in Treviso, farmyard meats in Padua, all the specialties of Venice – especially fish – where cooking has been a very serious matter since the time of the Doges. Not to mention the meats and cheeses as well as desserts, starting from tiramisu born at the Beccherie. In short, there is really no need to be bored because within a radius of 150 km – from the lake to the lagoon – the (culinary) world changes. Very beautifull

Here are 10 restaurants and trattorias to make a stop on this journey:


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