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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Says Maduro Is at a “Disadvantage” in Elections

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yván Gil said on Wednesday (10) that President Nicolás Maduro is at a “clear disadvantage” heading into the July 28 elections due to international sanctions.

“These are elections in which we are clearly distorted and harmed by the candidate for re-election (President Nicolás Maduro). This Government has been subject to a policy of sanctions, a policy of aggression (…) 936 sanctions that were at the heart of the exercise of the Government”, said Gil.

The Venezuelan foreign minister also said that “despite the sanctions” the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 will not be suspended.

Gil reported that there are already more than 625 confirmed electoral observers who will monitor the progress of the election. However, there would be none from the European Union, since the Venezuelan National Electoral Council revoked the invitation to observers from the bloc in May, after criticizing the ratification of most of the sanctions against the country.

In a meeting with the diplomatic corps accredited in Venezuela, Gil defined the Venezuelan electoral system as one of the “most perfect” electoral systems in existence.

However, the opposition pointed out and denounced several irregularities.

Opposition lawmaker María Corina Machado, whose candidacy was disqualified in January by Venezuela’s Supreme Electoral Court, said in an interview with Oppenheimer Presenta in May that “this is a completely tilted terrain, there are no free and fair elections here, we have absolutely adverse conditions” and “a National Electoral Council that is totally submissive to the regime.”

The main opposition candidate, Edmundo González Urrutia, expressed himself in the same vein, stating that “these elections are not being held with the guarantees that a democratic election should have”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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