Venezuelan Governor Candidate Offered To Issue Fellowships To Study Cryptocurrencies

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Venezuelan Governor Candidate Jose Alejandro Teran has offered to issue scholarships to citizens who enrolled in the Centro de Formación Tecnica to study mining and digital assets.

José Alejandro Terán launched this initiative to implement the La Guaira Digital program aimed at ensuring economic stability in the country. He believes that learning center students studying non-fungible tokens (NFT), mining and digital asset trading should receive benefits. This will further stimulate their interest in learning about the cryptocurrency industry.

Teran’s proposal was supported by the Venezuelan National Crypto-Assets and Related Operations Authority (Sunacrip), Axie Infinity Academy, Independientes con Terán political group and young members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the country’s ruling party.

“I am young and I believe in the digital economy. By helping people create multiple sources of income, we will ensure a strong financial position for their families. I am going to become the first Governor of Venezuela to develop digital technologies and cryptocurrency mining, as well as organize trading courses. In the first 100 days after my coming to the post of governor, it is planned to create 300 jobs for young people, and this figure will increase to 1,000 within a year. This is a specific goal that we are working together to achieve, ”Teran wrote.

As the analytical company Chainalysis reported last year, Venezuela was among the top three countries in the use of cryptocurrencies. According to the P2P trading platform LocalBitcoins, Venezuela also ranks first in bitcoin trading. The interest of Venezuelans in digital assets is due to the unstable economy of the country, so Venezuelan citizens consider cryptoassets a good way to preserve values ​​and “save” from inflation.

To reduce the negative impact of the US sanctions on Venezuela and restore the country’s economy, in August the Central Bank of Venezuela announced its readiness to launch a digital bolivar that will function alongside regular money.

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