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Venice 2023, disability influencer Benedetta De Luca on the red carpet with a message

Also this year the Venice Film Festival had a moment dedicated to the inclusion. Thanks to Benedetta DeLucawho walked the red carpet with a beautiful smile. And on crutches. However, the image that Benedetta gave us was not that of a person with a disability, but of one courageous woman who wants to give a message of strength, despite everything and everyone. In fact, she wrote on Instagram «mine is a smile that wants to break down many prejudices. The red carpet is often considered a place reserved only for perfection and instead today it can not only be a symbol of glamor and success, but a stage for diversity and inclusion. My presence here today is an invitation to all of you to look beyond the differences and appreciate the intrinsic value of each person. I hope this is just the beginning of a journey capable of inspiring others to overcome their fears and fight for a future in which every individual can feel represented».

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With over 139 thousand followers, Benedetta De Luca is probably the best known Disability influencer in Italy. Born with a rare congenital malformation, there caudal regression sequence (or syndrome).also called sacral agenesisa pathology that affects the last vertebrae of the spine, involved in the development of the abdomen and lower limbs, Benedetta has been able to build her image on values ​​such as inclusiveness, real beauty and the breaking down of barriers.

The mermaid dress with modifications adaptive

Benedetta’s presence on the red carpet in Venice, invited for the screening of I am Captain Of Matthew Garrone, has reserved another surprise: thesuit. A sparkling mermaid model designed and created by herself, who told us that she had chosen «a non-slippery fabric to sit comfortably in the wheelchair and that did not create too much volume» and that she wanted it «comfortable on the arms to be able to use the arms without hindrance crutches”. Even the dress, with modifications adaptive, it was for Benedetta a way to communicate and “to promote my message even further”. A strong message, which speaks of the desire to be there beyond “our fears and insecurities, so that no one feels too much: too little, too out of place, too distant from the canons, too different”.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

In his second post dedicated to Venice, Benedetta concludes «I posed without thinking about my crutches, my short height, my ears and arms from outside and do you see what came out? The truest and most sincere smile I could have! And that’s how we should live. If I did it on the prestigious red carpet in Venice I don’t see why we couldn’t all of us do it in our lives and in our daily lives!». An encouragement to everyone, absolutely everyone, no one excluded.

Source: Vanity Fair

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