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Venice 2023: the most beautiful beauty looks on the red carpet of the Festival in our opinion

And when the days of the Venice Film Festival arrive, it means that summer is coming to an end. But luckily the last September red carpet still makes us dream, giving us ideas for make-up and hairstyles that we will certainly find the opportunity to replicate. And if there are those who, to make a statement in line with the ongoing beauty revolution, prefer a cool and relaxed mood, to launch the message «why overdo it rather than always be true to yourself», there are also those who still see this appointment as a moment to give their best and amplify their beauty to the max. Ça va sans dire that there are always those who do it well and those who don’t.

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The fact is that the Venice Film Festival, which reached its eightieth edition in 2023, remains the catwalk where you can see the summer beauty trends parading evening after evening and the previews of the autumn-winter to come. Precisely for this reason we have collected in a single article the beauty looks that we believe have shone and left a mark in this edition.

Kasia Smutniak

Because her no make-up make-up is really without make-up, try to zoom in on the image, can you see a drop of foundation? Then the hairdo!, how sexy!

Kasia SmutniakTIZIANA FABI/Getty Images

Bella Thorne

Excellent interpretation of strawberry girl makeup with delicious rosy blush, worthy of Shirley Temple, a look made sexy and age-appropriate by the super-stretchy black pencil in the outer corner of the eyes. And then the vintage ginger curls from Little Women are the dream of all of us.

Bella ThorneStephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Rocio Munoz Morales

Between eyebrows, smoky and glittery eyes and lips, her look was perfect. And her hair could only be pulled back to give space to her face.

Rocio Munoz MoralesStephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Caterina Murino

The bullfighter-effect gelled hairstyle and classic make-up are perfect for a tuxedo look, but also for any other evening dress.

Martha Losito

Her look is a lectio on Tik Tok beauty trends, wet haireyebrows fluffy and glossed lips.

Martina Stella

Dust off the nostalgic codes of adolescence: black pencil and pink lipgloss. And that sun-kissed hair, shall we talk about it?

Carla Brown

Who can stop her! The 55-year-old former model, singer-songwriter and wife of the former French prime minister, teaches us that Barbiecore pink, for lips and eyelids, is for all ages.

Isabelle Huppert

Want to know what that means silverfox? Woman no longer very young still super sexy, in two words Isabelle Huppert. And she took this description literally, interpreting it not only with a silver dress but also with a sidereal eye make-up. And her wet-effect bob is sensuality to the nth degree.

Clotilde Esposito

The Morticia style has upgraded, with black, smoky and suffused eyes, nude and glossed lips and hair gathered with, of course, the parting in the middle, so loved by Gen Z.

Michael Good

Because it’s the genderless, chic and evening version of the summer make-up catchphrase, the tomato girl summer make-up, which is a real hit with the super gelled hairstyle a la Rudolph Valentino.

Barbara Palvin

The Pam updo, Pamela Anderson’s iconic hairstyle, conquers the red carpet thanks to the model who has raised it to a sixties version and combined it with a whimsical Barbie or Brigitte Bardot-style fringe. A scenographic hair look perfectly in tune with elegant make-up.

Barbara PalvinAndreas Rentz/Getty Images

Alice Pagani

Alice Cullen or Pagani? The wolf cut short of the actress is a recovery that we didn’t expect, but Tik Tok had announced it to us. The actress with her glossy, glossy make-up is the contemporary version of the Twilight champion played by Ashley Green in the 2000s saga. So moody we love it.

Olivia Palermo

With that shiny bob, precise parting and cat-eye blended with a touch of brown eyeshadow she was simply divine. Thanks also to the right correlates, feathered eyebrows and matte rosy lips.

Matilde Gioli

To say siren is an understatement. The actress with golden tan skin, sleaze waves hair, 90s, casual and grunge, and blue / gray eyeshadow to match her eyes really looked like she rose from the depths of the sea.

Matilde GioliMondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Caterina Murino

You can never go wrong with the elegance of ballroom dancing and the godmother in the late evening combined it with the only make-up that manages to make everything really sexy: smokey eyes and nude lips.

Georgia May Jagger

Here’s a balanced mix of styles salvaged from decades past, from Farrah Fawcett-esque butterfly hair to 90s brown lipstick a la Christy Turlingon. Not bad.

Julia Salemi

Hollywood look with flakes, with wet hair and contouring to envy Kim Kardashian, (who now knows she’s not the only one who can afford it).

Julia SalemiDominique Charriau

Bianca Balti

Her espresso make-up is as soft as a cappuccino and tastes like summer.

Bianca BaltiStephanie D’Alessandro

Mariacarla Boscono

Cool Girl look? Here it is, it’s minimal and focuses entirely on the porcelain face, barely perceptible lip makeup and long hair with just hinted waves.

Mariacarla BosconoStephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Paola Turani

Always beautiful, with straight, curly or gathered hair, and always able to give us style tips. Like the red lipstick applied with the overlining technique, i.e. the contour beyond the edge of the mouth.

Barbara Palvin

Source: Vanity Fair

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