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Venice Film Festival 2023, Bradley Cooper is the great absentee we miss the most

The fourth day of the Venice Film Festival 2023 can be summarized as Bradley Cooper’s day but, due to the extraordinary conditions in which everything is taking place, it’s Bradley Cooper day without Bradley Cooper. In fact, his second film as director has arrived at the Lido (the first was A star is born): Master, dedicated to the genius and life of Leonard Bernstein. A complex film that Bradley worked on for a long time and that he couldn’t wait to present in Venice. Then last July 13 the union of American actors SAG-AFTRA went on strike and he preferred to skip the presentation despite his role as director allowing him to be present.

Bradley chose to be sympathetic to fellow actors, even because Master it is a film produced by Netflix and it is precisely with the big platforms that the agreement is missing. Adam Driver, to mention another star, landed on the Lido a few days ago but because his Ferrari it is part of an independent production which has already found common ground with the Hollywood actors’ union.

So his creature had to do it alone (actually Bernstein’s eldest daughter arrived in Venice), and we had to (sigh!) do without him. As no fans with umbrellas to shelter from the sun from the early hours of the morning, no camps bordering the red carpet, no banners, no dedications. We would have liked to cross him on board a motorboat, heading towards the Lido, or disembarking on the pier of the Hotel Excelsior. We already imagined it: tuxedo and sunglasses. But nothing. Master it remains a great film, but without Venetian Bradley Cooper we are all a little sadder.

Source: Vanity Fair

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