Venice Film Festival, unforgettable beauty looks

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We are at the seventy-eighth edition of the Venice Film Festival and like every year it is the first appointment with post-holiday glamor. Our Oscars, so to speak, who over the years have given us iconic, talked-about looks that have remained in history.

Among the divas with unforgettable beauty looks there are Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, but also Liz Taylor e Linda Christian all passed through the Lagoon, leaving their mark. Among the first, back in 1937, Marlene Dietrich, and then the bursting one Rita Hayworth, in 1940. Two different beauties, the first cold and androgynous, the second soft, forerunner of the fifties pin-ups. The Mediterranean docs, Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, both with 10 and praise looks enhanced by eyeliner, ultra black mascara and sculpted lashes paired with prominent lipsticks were the most copied.

In the Sixties, fluffy hairstyles became the protagonists and iconic accessories such as scarves by Brigitte Bardot by motorboat, the fabric bands of Monica Vitti, who posed sulkily with San Marco in the background.

Red (or strictly nude) nails, bonnets, maxi fringes and fascinating eyeliner also appear, such as that of Claudia Cardinale in 1967. Among the beauty looks over the top in 1972, the American singer and actress stood out Diana Ross, with maxi white bows in her hair. From the nineties, beauty will begin to be more less is more and casual cuts appear that will last even in the following decade, like that of Naomi Watts, which in 2003 already sported what today we would call a wavy bob, e Keira Knightley in 2007, essential with a fairytale crop with a boho chic allure.

In recent years they have made us crazy then the perennial and wrinkled face of Jane Fonda, the curves of Monica Bellucci and the lean bodies of many models of the latest generation, such as Kendall Jenner e Bella Hadid.

The latest edition, the first in times of the pandemic of 2020, albeit with a thousand restrictions, has nevertheless been talked about for its beauty looks, including those of the Scottish actress’s carrot hair and aerodynamic tufts. Tilda Swinton, paired with intricately embroidered masks, or the skin positive and acne-prone face of the infleucner Giulia De Lellis. Individuality, diversity, personality distinguish the red carpets of recent years and so the exhibition remains a faithful mirror of the times.

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