Venice: from January 2023 entrance fee of 3-10 euros

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Since January 2023, it’s official, in Venice tourists will enter with an entrance ticket, the price of which will vary from 3 to 8 to 10 euros depending on whether it is a green, red or black stamp day. That is, depending on how many tourists are expected in the city. You will pay in advance by Paypall card and bank transfer or on the spot depending on how many tourists are really present in the city.

Venice after the pandemic he returns to face his greatest problem, overtourismwith all the inconveniences that derive from it: the thousands of tourists (up to 100 thousand in the historic center), the wave motion created by motor boats, the waste produced, the houses that are transformed into bed and breakfasts and a social fabric that it is increasingly losing (in Venice there is one inhabitant for 73.8 tourists).

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An out-of-control situation that today we try to regulate through the reservation and the access fee. All tourists who enter Venice from outside the region will pay the ticket, and the rules favor early bookers, providing discounts on museums, water buses and parking. “One thing is clear: there is no limited number”specifies the mayor Luigi Brugnaro, who explains the project of what will be the “bookable city”. «What is worrying – he continues – are the daily vacationers who arrive suddenly in the morning and leave in the evening and often create blockages. We have studied this reward system: those who book will benefit from evident savings also on the access contribution ».

But is it right that the art and beauty of Venice can only be used by those who pay? Shouldn’t they be available to everyone, even if with regulated entrances? Is Venice a city or a theme park?

«The idea is good. The problem is the tide of visitors that upsets the socio-economic and demographic fabric “- says Gianfranco Bettin, municipal councilor of Venezia Verde progressive -” We need to find a way to stem the hit and run and I say that we need a limited number and drastic interventions ” .

Source: Vanity Fair

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