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Veronica Peparini and the double battle for a younger boyfriend and for motherhood after 50

Although we tremble with the desire to consider ourselves open and progressive on all issues of the unspeakable human, we are still profoundly slaves to cultural preconceptions that are very difficult to dismantle, and this Veronica Peparini he learned this the hard way. She learned it because the historic dance teacher of Friends in recent years she has had to come up against the prejudices imposed by common sentiment twice: the first for having become engaged to a former student of hers, Andreas Müller, 25 years younger than her, and the second to have announced his (double pregnancy) – Veronica Peparini is, in fact, pregnant with twins – after the age of fifty. Despite the often violent criticisms addressed to her in recent years, the teacher has rightly continued along her path, savoring both her dream of love with Andreas, towards whom many fans of Friends they had spent more than the desire to become a mother a third time.

«I was a little anxious about telling it at home: I already had two children, I didn’t know how my parents would take the news. Instead, when I told them they surprised me”, said Veronica Peparini to very trueexplaining her initial reluctance to share the news of her new motherhood with their children Olivia and Daniele, born from her previous relationship with the dancer Fabrizio Prolli. «It is truly a gift, an immense joy, something you don’t expect», insisted Peparini, explaining that these two twins were not an accident, but something strongly desired and sought from both.

At 52 years old, Veronica Peparini has chosen to share this joy with Andreas Müller and to do so challenging social conventions which unfortunately still reign supreme in our country today, as if life had to necessarily stop after a certain age. This applies to motherhood but also to love, given that the age difference continues to be viewed with a certain suspicion even today when we should have more tools to understand the phenomenon in its complexity. Above all, it is commendable that Peparini and Müller continue with their projects, and this is why we hope they continue to not care and never compromise.

Source: Vanity Fair

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