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“Very sad that I didn’t go to Carnival”, says Dua Lipa about Brazil

After appearing at the Grammys 2024 in the beginning of the month, Dua Lipa prepares to launch the third album of your career.

According to the singer, in the last three years, she has composed 97 songs for a project that is promoting a season of transition.

“I think my new album sees this transition in me from girl to woman. Each of the songs was rewritten a few times until I thought, 'ok, it's done now'. I feel like I’ve grown so much as a composer that I’m ready to really fight for every little detail,” she told “Fantástico” this Sunday (25).

Asked who she has worked with that gave her that feeling of butterflies in her stomach, Dua Lipa cited Elton John .

“I have pinch-me moments all the time, but working with Elton John was just unbelievable. I was able to sing, perform with him and make songs together,” he said.

“It’s something that even now, as I’m saying this, gives me butterflies,” added the artist.

Love for Brazil

Still in the interview, Dua Lipa made a point of reinforcing how much she loved her time in the country. “I loved Brazil. I simply loved it”, he guaranteed. “I'm very sad that I didn't go to carnival,” she said.

To the delight of fans, the “New Rules” star stated that any excuse he has to come to Brazil, he will come. “Brazil has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to go back,” she added.

Other projects by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is also focused on other projects. Recently, she participated in the film “Argylle – The Superspy”. In addition, she has also been managing a website with chronicles and travel tips about the places she has visited.

And the work doesn't end there, as the artist also has a podcast where she talks to celebrities from all over the world and recently launched a book club.

“I am well organized. This since I was a child. I always had to make lists and write down everything I was going to do that day and plan it out, because it made me feel like I was in control and I could accomplish as many things as I wanted during the day,” she said.

“I think it's great to have a younger generation, perhaps, that follows me or likes listening to my music, to also see the importance of books and reading and immerse themselves in another story,” he concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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