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Veterinarian is arrested in DF for trafficking ketamine, the same drug as in the Djidja Cardoso case

A 30-year-old veterinarian was arrested red-handed in the Federal District (DF), accused of ketamine trafficking, following an operation that dismantled an illegal drug distribution scheme.

The action was carried out this Friday (7), lasted five months and revealed that the suspect acquired approximately 93 liters of the anesthetic Cetamin over the course of a year.

Ketamine, which can anesthetize thousands of animals, was found in more than ten vials seized during the operation.

According to the Civil Police, the amount seized is enough to anesthetize approximately 124,933 cats, 41,644 dogs or 1,249 horses.

The veterinarian’s arrest refers to the case of Djidja Cardoso, former Boi Garantido sister, who died on May 28 due to the use of ketamine in rituals with illicit substances, according to investigation.

The investigation revealed the involvement of several people, resulting in several arrests.

The veterinarian will be charged with the crime of drug trafficking, in accordance with article 33 of Law 11,343/06, and could face up to 15 years in prison.

Source: CNN Brasil

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