Vialli: Mancio, friend forever …

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Beyond triumph and failure, beyond victory and defeat. What remains is friendship. That was there before. That will be there later. And this is how in these stormy days with the wound of elimination from the World Cup still burning, Gianluca Vialli wanted to post his feelings on social networks. «I love you more now than I wanted you In July… good luck for tomorrow’s game! I will miss you but my heart will be with you. Come on Azzurri !! Let’s start again … “. Yes, because Italy plays against Turkey, the painful final between disappointed and disheartened teams after being eliminated in the play-off against Macedonia.

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AND Mancini he will be in his place, that place, on the bench, where he decided to stay after the first doubts and sleepless nights. The FIGC president Gravina asked him, the players asked him, with the two leaders of the locker room in the front row, Bonucci and Chiellini, despite the latter being on farewell with the blue jersey after an extraordinary career.

But perhaps the meaning of everything, beyond personal choices, lies precisely in Luca’s message to his friend Roberto, a message accompanied by a photo, or rather by “that” photo. The photo of the hug at the triple whistle of Italy-Austria, a decisive step towards the final that a few days later gave the Azzurri the most beautiful joy in many years now. Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini have known each other for a lifetime.

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They were kids when they started playing for Sampdoria, in the mid-1980s, brilliant talents of an Italian football that at the time enlisted ranks of excellent players; to then find themselves, together, in the senior national team. They were young men when, in 1991, they won the historic Scudetto in the Sampdoria jersey, crowning the dream of a lifetime. Then their careers split, they both went on to win and reap successes. Without ever losing sight of, never forgetting the affection that binds them.

It is for that affection, that idea of ​​the world that rests on friendship, that when Roberto Mancini was appointed Italy’s CT in May 2018, he wanted his old friend next to him, that Luca Vialli prostrate by the disease that has been fighting for some time. Vialli & Mancinias it once was.

The manager and the coach, two headlights for the players, a single example, for everyone, of what friendship really means, the sincere one, without interests, the one that is born in the most beautiful age, when you are a boy and everything seems possible, and matures over time, between the jolts that life gives us and sudden moments of happiness. “I don’t know how long I’ll live, there’s no time to waste,” Vialli said a few days ago. Life is imposing another test on him. At his side, once again, as has been the case for a lifetime, there will be Mancini. Beyond triumph and failure, only friendship.

Source: Vanity Fair

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