Vice-President of the European Parliament: Dictators will not divide the EU

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The important thing after result of the German elections “is that there will be a pro-European government in Germany“Stressed the First Vice President of the European Parliament and MEP Roberta Metsola, speaking to APE-MPE.

He added that it would be “a government that will see the European Parliament as a stable partner, will see the EU as a vision, a plan that needs to be strengthened”, while regarding Angela Merkel he noted that “We had the experience of 16 years of a values-driven leader who shaped not only her country but the whole of the EU. Whoever becomes Chancellor in the coming months of negotiations has a big gap to fill.».

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Asked about rumors that she might be the next President of the European Parliament, she said: “It is too early. Many discussions are taking place “pointing out that what is clear, as agreed with the other political groups, is that this is a position occupied in the second part of the term by a representative of the EPP.

“The question is not who, but where do we want the European Parliament to go and look forward to 2024, we need to have an institution that is present, has a voice, that looks forward and embraces what we are here to do, “Citizens want a European parliament that listens, an institution directly elected by them, to address their concerns, aspirations and challenges.”

Our children need to realize that we are trying to make life better for them

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“I am a mother of four children and even within my family I need to balance everything and all the challenges. But I have a very organized husband who confirms that everything has been done according to plan. We try to balance everything.

At the same time, it all has to do with making sure our children realize that we are trying to make life better for them than it was for us. as our parents tried to make our lives more comfortable and easy and, say, more pro-European than it was for them, “he said when asked how it is possible to combine professional leadership roles with motherhood and family.

Dictators will not divide the EU

Asked about her visit to Greece and the discussion she had with the Greek Prime Minister on the protection of external borders, but also on the instrumentation of immigration, Roberta Metzola said that “before the coronavirus pandemic hit, we had sees Turkey tooling the most vulnerable people in an attempt to destabilize the borders. “Sometimes we forget and talk about the borders of Finland or Lithuania, but we do not say that they are the borders of the EU.”

He also stressed that “we need to make sure that we have the strongest possible external borders and that is where we as the European Parliament focus when discussing new legislative initiatives on immigration, when we see that we have neighbors as is now the case with Lithuania and Poland on the border.” with Belarus, where you have a dictator, a regime that would like to try to divide us. “Our message from the EU is that dictators will not divide us and our external borders will not be used to destabilize the integrity of the EU and its Member States.”

“This is the message I sent when I visited Athens a few months ago. I also visited the refugee center in Eleonas, in the center of Athens and saw the commitment of the Greek government and the Greek people and the understanding of Greece’s place in the world “he noted, adding that” it was a pleasure to be there and see how the government and civil society and activists and NGOs are working. “

Europe needs to lead

Finally, when asked about the crisis in Afghanistan and the possibility that the EU will need to manage a new wave of migration, Ms. Metsola said:

“I agree with what the Vice-President of the Commission, Margaritis Schoinas, has said: that this is a time when we are trying to see if we can overcome the difficulties we have in the package on immigration and the set of laws that we are discussing in the European Parliament with the Council of the EU. Why? “We have the laws on the table, we have solutions to make sure that the EU’s immigration policy is effective, that it is fair to those who need protection, that it is stable with those who do not,” assuring that there is protection of external borders.

“What we saw in Afghanistan was proof of that. We have seen tragedies unfold, we have seen these desperate people trying to leave and we are now in the European Parliament discussing the protection of women and children, teachers, members of the judiciary who had no choice but to leave because the regime is committing the most heinous acts.

“This is the humanitarian aspect.” At the same time, Roberta Metzola stressed the importance of security.

“What I would not like is to see an EU going from crisis to crisis, to face a crisis, to try to solve it, not to succeed, to wait another five years and face a similar crisis. “I believe that the leadership and the people who make decisions in this city, in these institutions, now have the time to sit at the table and say: Europe needs to lead,” concluded Roberta Metzola.

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