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Victim discovers scam and police arrest false doctor in consultation in the city of SP

Victim discovers scam and police arrest false doctor in consultation in the city of SP

The Civil Police arrested a 37-year-old woman in flagrante delicto for illegal practice of medicine and ideological falsehood. The case occurred on Tuesday (30), in the West Zone of the city of São Paulo.

The complaint came from a woman who identified that the beauty professional Marcela Gouveia was impersonating a doctor and using her CRM record. On Instagram, the professional has more than 86,000 followers. The victim made an appointment with Marcela and requested assistance from a police officer.

At the end of the service, the author stamped a request for exams with the victim’s CRM, resulting in her acting in the act, according to the police. The occurrence was registered by the 3rd Specialized Center for the Repression of Crimes and Miscellaneous Occurrences (Siege) where the flagrante delicto was formalized. The woman has been detained and is awaiting referral to a custody hearing.

A CNN consulted the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (Cremesp) about the case. In a note, the council stated that “the illegal practice of medicine is a police matter, since the Council’s activities are limited to medical professionals registered with the Autarchy”.

In addition, he said that Cremesp does not receive complaints of this type precisely because they do not refer to doctors.

“Cremesp, when it identifies, for example, during inspection, that there are professionals pretending to be doctors, or when the Council notices attempts to register with the presentation of false documents, such as diplomas, the Autarchy activates the competent bodies, such as the Public Ministry. It should be noted that the Council makes the Medical Guide available on its website, so that patients can check whether the professional who is assisting them is a doctor and is regularly registered with the council”, said Cremesp.

Source: CNN Brasil