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Victoria Beckham, the new T-shirt for the joy of the truth (and her husband David)

It’s officially a truce between David and Victoria Beckham: «I don’t want to argue anymore. Yes, my father took me to school in a Rolls-Royce.” These are the words with which, in a recent video published on TikTok, Posh Spice announces the release of her new collection White T-shirt. A T-shirt that already promises to become iconic: the protagonist print is in fact a reference to one of the most memorable statements of Beckhamthe four-episode docu-series produced by Netflix.

Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang remembers her wedding dress: «I call it the transatlantic dress»

The American designer recalls the creation of the champagne-colored dress worn by Posh Spice for her wedding to David Beckham. A lot of time, a lot of energy but above all a lot of travel to make a dress that has become iconic


Already available on the e-commerce of Victoria Beckham’s fashion house of the same name, the white T-shirt in organic cotton debuted at the price of 130 euros, quite accessible if we consider that we are still talking about ready-to-wear. Posh Spice fans definitely won’t miss it: it’s a perfect frame, the funniest epilogue that the spat between David and Victoria could ever wish for.

Victoria Beckham’s new white T-shirt: «My father had a Rolls-Royce», says the press.

Spoiler alert for those who have not yet watched the Netflix docu-series: in one of her testimonies, Victoria Beckham is seen stating that she comes from a working class family (“We’re very, very working class”, says Posh Spice) . At that point, David feels obliged to burst into the shots: “Be honest.” And the argument begins, with Victoria reiterating that she is and he protesting by throwing a provocation at her: “What car did your father take you to school in?”. «It’s not a simple answer, it depends!», she tries to defend herself. And finally, after repeatedly repeating the same question, the former footballer gets the desired answer from his wife: «Okay, in the 1980s, my father had a Rolls-Royce». “Thank you,” says David before disappearing from the camera’s view again and leaving Victoria in a bitter silence.

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Victoria Beckham, never without a white shirt (always)

It must not be waisted, or even tight. For Victoria Beckham there is only one way to conceive the white shirt: oversized and masculine. So much so that she wore it on the set of Beckham, the new Netflix docu-series. Making it literally sell out in shops in the United Kingdom


Always known as Posh Spice – the most sophisticated and chic of the Spice Girls – today Victoria Beckham lays down her weapons and, with a pinch of irony, transforms that statement so desired by her husband into the print protagonist of his new T-shirt. Irony, indeed. Who knows, maybe this is the secret of their marriage.

Source: Vanity Fair

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