Victoria Beckham’s brownies recipe

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A great career as a stylist and entrepreneur (after the one at Posh Space), Victoria Beckham – 47 years and 4 children – he is also famous for his flawless physical shape. His routine is a kind of legend: in several interviews he told that wakes up at dawn, does intensive toning and workout exercises, then he drinks water and lemon, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, eats a bowl with fruit and vegetable drinks and during the rest of the day he does not go wrong: only vegetables, fruit and fish (especially salmon, recommended by the dermatologist because it is good for acne).

However, she too, when it comes to giving in to temptations, does not hold back and among other things the weak point of David Beckham’s ex-Spice wife is the same as many: the chocolate. In particular, chocolate used to make one of the most famous and loved sweets in the world: i brownies, the squares of cake with a crispy crust and a soft heart.

Victoria told about it some time ago in an interview with People explaining that brownies are the thing he loves to cook the most and that is why he often makes them for the whole family. The recipe – very easy, in the gallery above – has become a cult. Who knows what your husband thinks of the execution David: a connoisseur of cooking, according to increasingly insistent rumors “courted” by Gordon Ramsay to make a program together, recently he has shown that he is doing very well even in the kitchen with Massimo Bottura. Browse the gallery above to see the recipe

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