Victoria dei Måneskin nude among the flowers, portrait of freedom

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T.ra a sea of ​​flowers, completely naked, a few petals to cover the bare essentials. So it appears Victoria de Angelis in the last photo shared on his Instagram profile. «Bought you flowers», reads the caption of the image that in a few hours has become full of likes. It is not the first time that the bassist of Måneskin defies the censorship of the social media by resorting to small tricks to avoid the removal of the image: in March, for example, she made the photo in which she was shown in the Stories completely naked, with two emoticons to speak. star shape to cover her nipples (not effective enough, however, to avoid censorship). Shortly thereafter, it was the turn of another image with two red hearts to conceal the bare essentials that earned the beauty of a million likes.

On the other hand, the twenty-two-year-old Victoria it has always made freedom its banner. And it has always proved to be free from labels. “I had a flirt with a colleague very famous, but I’m not saying who he is, “he told Hyenas after Sanremo. “You don’t need money, free dinners or abs to win me over. I have had long-lasting adventures and affairs with girls and it went well ». Last summer she was photographed with her alleged partner.

Victoria doesn’t talk about it. Because she can’t stand her forays into her private life. She even less tolerates the hypocrites: “Many guys talk about openness, to respect women but they are the first to say” this is a fat woman “,” this has hair in her armpits “,” this is a slut “. A woman who has a lot of sexual freedom or many partners or dresses provocatively as her associates her with the profession of sex worker to insult her. So she grows up the stereotype of women necessarily chastewhile I, if i’m male and have sex with a hundred girls, i’m cool“.

Victoria, who started playing the electric guitar at the age of 8, is today the bassist of the most loved rock band of the moment. With the Måneskin in 2021 you triumphed in Sanremo and Eurovision. What’s it like to be the only girl among three boys? “Normal,” she said. “Besides, a person’s sex is not important to me. What matters is the relationship I have with her. And with the boys my bond is fraternal“.

Behind the “rebel” who hates labels, behind the musician who never stops on stage, there is a young woman who hides a immense pain. He was only 15 when he saw his mother, the Danish Jeanett, die. She revealed it a few months ago maternal grandmother Elin Uhrbrand: «My niece Victoria has suffered a lothe saw to die his mom. Jeanett, my daughter, when she realized she would lost the battle against Evil who was consuming her asked to go in Denmark. Victoria wanted to follow her and her stayed close until the end”. Victoria, continues the grandmother, “she had only 15 years. For three months he has watched over about his mom, for three months he kept them there but no. Until the last day. Until he said goodbye. It was terrible… Terrible“. Victoria has never spoken publicly about her mourning, but in an interview with Elle admitted he had adifficult adolescence: «At 14, I suffered from panic attacks. I was a carefree girl, then I found myself not wanting to leave the house anymore, I missed a year of school. Wax something broken in me and I didn’t know how to repair myself. I used to be ashamed of it, now I don’t need to hide it anymore. I got out of it thanks to therapy, family and friends, but it is still on my own that I learn to manage certain chasms“. She, those chasms, managed to turn them into music.

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