Video Downloader 1.8.2

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Video Downloader – an application with which you can quickly and conveniently download any video, any music from the Internet. You just need to click on a button and the download will start Searching for videos on the Internet and downloading them just got easier. Resume download or delete what you don’t need. Download videos in the background. Upload a movie and read posts on Instagram at the same time. How convenient and modern. Before downloading the video, you can watch it in our browser. Search for videos on completely different topics. It is very convenient to watch videos offline without internet access. Our application supports almost all video file formats. Upload multiple files at once. The application has very convenient controls and a pleasant interface. Our downloader does not spoil the video quality. Create a password folder and upload videos there. Nobody can enter it. Also you can upload videos to SD card. The app has a favorites folder as well as bookmarks. The application was created in a very interesting style.

Video Downloader features:

  • Very simple controls.
  • Many different functions.
  • Excellent web navigation.
  • Protected folders.
  • Support for a huge variety of formats.

Attention! The application cannot download videos from Youtube.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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